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 Hello everyone, needing to do a Pretrial Drug Diversion (PC 1001.65) was formerly then known as Deferred Entry Judgment Program, or DEJ, or PC 1000 for the first time is really overwhelming, frustrating, and embarrassing, yet not impossible. Yes I get it, the particular circumstances were really not after all a  big deal. Heck the illicit substance quantity of whatever it was so small, yet it somehow became initially a felony arrest. Other cases would have no illicit substances, yet some paraphernalia to "accommodate" the use of whatever substance was present. Whether or not it was for recreational, social, or otherwise have attached Health & Safety Codes like 11350, 11357 (b), 11377 (a), to name a few. And even Rx prescriptions can be a negative too, 11550. Many of my clients would often say half-way into the program "Knowing what I know now, it could have been a lot worst for me and others." Most likely this thought is accompanied by demonstrating genuine feelings of humbleness, regret, and disappointment to being grateful, new resolve, hope, and self-confidence in now a drug-free free lifestyle to keep. And by the way, in case your are interested, your facilitator has at one day at a time, now 31 years clean & sober time had wrote this message :)